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          The mission of the TELUS Ride For Dad is to raise funds to save men’s lives by supporting prostate cancer research and raising public awareness of the disease.

          Thank you for supporting the TELUS Ride For Dad and our fight against prostate cancer!

          Proudly Supported by


          The TELUS Ride For Dad reserves the right to cancel an event when it is deemed necessary to do so to ensure the safety of participants and volunteers, and /or when circumstances dictate that the event cannot proceed. If such an unfortunate situation were to occur, the following Registration Fees protocol will be followed:

          Registration Fees cannot be refunded.? Registrants will receive?a tax receipt for the amount paid. Donations and?pledged funds will be processed, and tax receipts issued in the usual manner. All registrants will qualify for all earned fundraising prizes and benefits, and all fundraising totals will be applied to affiliated programs including Captain’s Club recognition, Top Pledge Earner awards, and incentive prizing.

          Registered Ride For Dad events raise funds for?local?awareness and?cancer?research?initiatives?in the important fight against prostate cancer.?Should an?event?need?to be modified at the last minute, the?Ride For Dad management and volunteers will endeavour to provide Registrants with a safe and enjoyable experience. Thank you for your support.